Bamzigi and Kantai to form Hip-Hop super group

Experimental Hip-Hop is where it’s at! Incorporating unconventional sounds for traditionally hard Hip-Hop makes the sound produced very unique and fresh.

And there’s no doubt that Bamzigi is very experimental with his music. Remember ‘Bachette‘? Love it or hate it, it was very different from anything else out back then. He was way ahead on that EDM tip.

Straight from Bamzigi’s Facebook page.

So if you haven’t heard #3050Muzik is putting together a super hip hop group. Bamzigi and Kantai are joining forces to put together the ultimate electronic hip hop fusion music style EP project dubbed the #HipHopMizukaproject. Kenyan Trap, Dub-Step, Electro Hip-Hop and experimental Hip-Hop wrapped into one. Expect our first track and video before Christmas with a Kenyan Hip-Hop style never heard before with urban hard hitting club banging beats over English Swahili slick Hip-Hop punchlines. I’ve heard fans already say that this is what the Kenyan industry has been waiting for. We plan to demonstrate Kenyan Hip-Hop at its best in both a local and international light. Prepare to bump your heads and get your speakers ripped this is #HipHopMizuka

We’re super excited to see what these two will get up to in the studio. We’ll keep you posted.



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