Bahati Speaks Out After Hit Single ‘Huyu’ is Pulled Down from YouTube

Kenyan musician Bahati has broken his silence after his popular single ‘Huyu’ was mysteriously removed from YouTube, leaving fans and industry insiders speculating about the circumstances surrounding its removal.

This is after Genius Jini X66, a Tanzanian musician and producer raised a copyright complaint with YouTube, which resulted in the removal of the song.

As per Bahati, the complaint and removal reasons are ambiguous with the musician citing malice and attack. 

The artist took to Instagram on September 19 to express his frustration, posting: “ANOTHER ATTACK FROM TANZANIA… WHO IS GENIUS JINI X66??? HE MALICIOUSLY DELETED MY SONG #HUYU FROM YOUTUBE NO.2 ON TRENDING.”

Interestingly, Jini X66 fired back claiming that he was an acquaintance of Bahati.  “Mwamba kasema hanijui ila taratibu tu atanijua,” the producer said while calling for an amicable resolution to the matter. 

‘Huyu,’ launched a few weeks ago, was swiftly gaining popularity in East Africa and hitting YouTube trending charts. Fans are disappointed and curious about its sudden withdrawal.

The unexpected removal of ‘Huyu’ has raised concerns regarding copyright difficulties or artist disputes. 

Since his initial Instagram post, the artist has not shared any new details. The Kenyan music industry and fans are eagerly anticipating Bahati’s hit tune ‘Huyu’ to return to YouTube as the mystery unfolds.