Azziad Joins The Millionaire Club on TikTok

Renown media personality Azziad Nasenya has officially hit 1 million followers on Tiktok. This makes her one of the most popular Kenyan Tiktokkers today.

Her fame quickly followed her after she did a dance for the hit song ‘Utawezana’ which immediately went viral all over the country.

Azziad Nasenya (@AzziadNasenya) | Twitter

She has since featured on many shows as both a host and a guest, bagging many ambassadorial gigs as she goes.

She took to her Instagram to thank her fans for making her hit this big milestone.

“We hit 1 Million followers on my TikTok yesterday 🥺🥺🙏🏽 I’m Grateful to God for the growth and for holding my hand through out my Journey. I’m grateful to Him for giving me you Guys as my family.❤️ Thank you for believing in me and supporting me❤️ Also thank you for 1.1M on Instagram… We have grown 100K in a month,” she wrote.

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TikTok is famous for its act-out memes that are backed by music and other tunes endlessly reproduced by participants. Funny memes-as-videos trend overnight making participants accumulate numerous followers and become TikTok influencers in a few days.

Azziad is proof that with hard work, we can all succeed. Congratulations!

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