Azziad Hopes Hollywood Comes knocking Next Year Following Nominations

After a string of top nominations and awards, Tik Tok Sensation Azziad Nasenya is now eyeing a new market: Hollywood.

Following her E! People’s Choice awards nomination, she believes her brand has taken a new direction and more people outside Africa are now interested in her. TikTok Star Azziad Nasenya Bags Coveted E! People’s Choice Awards Nomination

She believes even though she lost to Zimbabwean Comedian and Content creator Tyra Chikocho, aka Madam Boss, the experience was more than a blessing to her. Tiktoker Azziad Named Runner’s Up At The Prestigious People’s Choice Awards

“It is not something you wake up to one day. It is a privilege. I am grateful,” she said.

“It taught me a lot, I was nominated alongside big people, and it is an international award. It was still a win since it is international recognition.” She further noted.

Since then, Azziad has been busy doing her homework and now believes 2022 might be a very different year for her.

“I was checking my search and from August to early December, my name was across America. I feel like it has had an impact on me as a brand.” She said while speaking to The Star.

“I have always wanted to go international, get gigs as an actress and content creator. It is going to be a chance to open international opportunities.”

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