Avril Talks All Things Motherhood Days To Mother’s Day

Celebrated RnB singer Avril Nyambura has come out to reveal her experience trying to balance her shiny music career and being a mother just days to Mother’s Day.

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While talking during a youtube interview with  Ala C, Avril talked about her upbringing and life revealing that motherhood is by far the hardest task she has ever embarked on.

“Pressure, and stress, You should respect mothers. When my son was a day old its when it hit me that I no longer had a say. It would always be about him as he now fully depends on me. In the beginning, I was a walking zombie because I could not get enough sleep. Even now I still survive on very little sleep as I also have to chase my dream,” she revealed.

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Avril revealed that juggling motherhood and her career can cause depression and depressive thoughts.

“Balancing motherhood and work can be confusing and it’s easy to become depressed as one learns on the job. I was very ready to be a mum. I HAD BEEN READY 5 years before I became one. But I never had someone stable in my life. I wanted someone stable in my life so we take care of the child together. So when the person I am dating came into my life the situation felt right and he also wanted it,” she revealed.

More stunning photos of Avril breastfeeding her son after talking about his dad

Despite a high-flying career and her celebrity status, Avril has maintained a lot of privacy around everything that entails her son, including the father or his face.

“I was not raised in the limelight and I would prefer my baby not be in the limelight. I am raising a human being and as much as my life is public, his is not. Additionally, I didn’t have a child to generate revenue, she said during a previous interview.



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