Ava Duvernay Voices Her Praise For Kati Kati

For a film maker – or indeed anyone – who’s spent long nights and days working to build a product, almost nothing affects you more than positive sentiments from one of your peers who has already scaled the lofty heights of success in your particular industry.

And so it went for the minds behind the Kenyan film Kati Kati.

Who would have known how far its audience has spread, if not for social media and its capacity to bring together people invested in discovering bright sparks – regardless of location.

Ava Duvernay – one of this decade’s most prolific figures in media and film, being behind productions such as Queen Sugar, Selma and 13th, had this to say:

And of course, if you were one of those involved in the project, you would freak out too!

Kati Kati is now a year old and still going strong! We’re excited about the possibilities!

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