Author: Adiey Joe

04 Dec

Rhumba Takes Over Nairobi At The 28th Edition Of Koroga Festival


It was a muddy, muddy affair in all its glee and joy at the Bomas …

18 Nov

Park Inn’s Live Inn Restaurant’s Impressive New Menu


Ordering at restaurants often feels like a huge gamble. So many choices but your favourite …

06 Nov

Nairobi Pizza Week


Nairobi Pizza Week is still up and running. Every foodie and pizza fanatic, this is …

03 Nov

The Honey & Dough Gourmet Affair


Honey & Dough, the moniker has an interesting combination, makes one expect an obvious pastry …

01 Nov

Google For Kenya, 2nd Edition


The second edition of Google for Kenya event was indeed a jaw-dropper, the interactive and …

14 Oct

4 Adrenaline-Rush Activities To Try In Nairobi


It’s a no brainer that the weekends are way longer when you have nothing planned. …

03 Oct

Glam In Pictures: How It Went Down At The Fashion Product Lab Affair


Whether it’s color, pop or style the camera is the ideal storyteller. The Tufilamu Pictures …

02 Oct

The Koroga Experience With Turn Up Travel


Turn Up! Probably the only defining nickname to ‘Life of the party’ or ‘perhaps starter …

13 Sep

Turn Up Travel Really Got Nairobi Turnt!


The Nairobi IG Tour organized by Turn Up Travel was one for the books. The …

09 Sep

REVIEW: The Mercado Experience


Hunger and thirst for the right drink is something we can all relate to. I …