Atemi Oyungu & Bez Idakula In Blissful Fusion This May

Soulful Kenyan Singer Atemi Oyungu presents Blissful Fusion once again. This edition which will be its 2nd will go down at the Carnivore Simba Saloon on the 17th of May 2019 from 6:00 pm. Atemi will be joined on stage by Nigerian, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Bez Idakula during this event.

The organizers are promising a great time filled with beautiful live music, dance, good food and drinks and eccentric performances for those who will attend. This event will be sponsored by a number of corporates such as Capital FM, Ticketsasa, Schweppes, Pine Creek Records, True Blaq and Carnivore Nairobi among others.

Other artistes such as award winning Tetu Shani are set to perform at this event. Last year’s edition had  Atemi join hands with singer, actress and IP lawyer June Gachui to deliver breath taking performances on the Blissful Fusion stage to the amazement of the audience.

Tickets are already running fast and you can secure yours by clicking here. Save a date for a night of great music and dance. See you there.

Images courtesy of Blissful Fusion.

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