Artivism Taking Over: ‘Wajinga Nyingi’ Part 2 Gets Hotter

23 December of 2019 by

Over the past week, Kenyans have been listening and dissecting King Kaka’s latest single ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ from all angles. The jam has sparked a national conversation on social media and mainstream media but we are all wondering what is next.

Well, Teardrops the poet has decided to stir the pot some more by dropping ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ part 2. His poetic verse delivered in the same style as Kaka has been laid on a Violin soundtrack by David Ralak.

Teardrops takes this a notch higher by calling out the political elite who have been swindling the nation, religious clerics accepting national loot without questioning the source. He calls out the government organs that stall processes and those in the said positions.

For 5 minutes, Teardrops drops some hard-hitting truths regarding day to day living of a typical Kenyan. His wordplay, rhymes and similes juggled in English and Swahili make you wanna rewind.

Check out this bar ‘Wamama waja wazito ndio wanakua first priority kupiga kura, but hao ndio wanadedi kwa maternity due to lack of facilities.

This record is right on time, speaks for normal folk and says exactly what is in the minds of Kenyans. The video is done from a restroom set and there is a lot of hidden messages to decode from it. Check it out below.


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