#ArtistSpotlight: Nyashinski, The Comeback King!

The Kenyan Music industry is dynamic, full of one-hit wonders. Leaving is almost a death sentence. But not for Nyashinski. He left the country for the US when he was at the top of his game as part of the boy band Kleptomaniax.

In a recent interview with a local radio station, Hot 96, #terryandwillisonhot, Nyashinski stated that he is back in Kenya to stay. The kind of music he does now shows maturity, growth and the spiritual enlightenment that he has undergone as a musician and an individual. He is committed to producing quality music as he believes that every song has to be real in order to connect with people. “One has to put in hard work to produce music that transcends borders, even if one is naturally gifted,” remarked Nyashinski.

Last year, Nyashinski was paired with Nigerian artist Yemi Alade on Coke Studio. Their collaborations on songs such as Marry me and Mungu Pekee showed their undeniable chemistry as well as positive reviews for their performances. “Yemi’s transposition on Mungu Pekee was great. If you work with people with a good attitude, then the work will speak for itself.”

In honor of his appreciation of the songstress, Nyashinski looks to release a remix of Yemi’s 2016 hit song Nakupenda.

This year, he returns to the newly unveiled Coke Studio Africa alongside Mafikizolo of South Africa. The duo has been in the country for the recording of the show.

His comeback album is set to be released later this year. Some of the singles from it are already chatted toppers and fan favourites. It is interesting to note that Nyashinski is not too keen on collaborations, a fact that he says is deliberate.

When it comes to production, he mostly self-directs his music, relying on the producer for creative execution. The reason behind this is that he considers the album to be personal, an expression of his journey in the industry as well as trying something new. For instance, he did a double release of Aminia and Malaika to show to extremes of his music – rapping and singing on two different songs to give fans variety for his latest work.

This album has been in the works since last year. He has maintained a consistency in class and if this is anything to go by then we can only expect better things from him