#Artistspotlight: Top Gospel Act, Mercy Masika

Mercy Masika is a passionate gospel vocalist, worship leader, composer and performing artist who has stayed true to her belief and Christian way of life. Throughout her illustrious 22-year career in music, she has managed to not only stay relevant but also be scandal free. There has been no scandal associated with her personally that has ever been reported. In today’s competitive Kenyan music scene, she has put out an impressive five albums. among her chart-toppers are Milele, Nikupendeze, Shule Yako and her biggest hit to date Mwema.

Speaking to KTN Friday briefing on 9th September 2017 about her musical journey. She credits her longevity in music to reading the bible often and letting the word guide her life and career. However, she also holds in high regard the input of her pastors. Her husband David Muguro has been a great support system and has helped her stay grounded. Apparently, he is not shy to point out his wife’s mistakes or make constructive criticism whenever Mercy strays.

Churning out music consecutively over a long period of time can result in monotony, and may fail to relate with the audience. Mercy Masika realized this early, and took it upon her self to collaborate with various songwriters. The result is a vibrant, creative body of work that has made her one of the top musicians in this country, across genres.

She is currently working with UNHCR on a refugee program that aims to protect and support. She recently visited Kakuma, the largest refugee camp in the world where she engaged with families that had fled their country because of war. She acknowledged how women bear the brunt of the conflict, especially when their sexuality is used against them. A campaign is in the works and will be unveiled soon