Artists Wahu Kagwe And Rufftone Land Government Jobs

16 August of 2018 by

The Ministry Of Education is employing the voice, presence, and influence of two great musicians Wahu Kagwe and Rufftone on the newly launched Technical and Vocational Training Agenda among the Youth.

The Vocational Training program seeks to lure the youth into acquiring a skill that can easily land them a job or create opportunities for themselves in the future.

Speaking at a Press conference at the HELB offices, the pair applauded the initiative as great and expressed their support going forward.

Wahu, a University of Nairobi graduate thanked the Education CS Amina Mohammed for the opportunity to reach out to the youth. “To the youth, I say this; we need to demystify the notion that success only comes in terms of White collar employment. Life has personally taught me otherwise. There is enough space in the sky for all our stars to shine. You just need to figure how they were designed to shine”.

Rufftone who’s a graphic designer by training, on trying to encourage the young people, he had this to say: “I came to Nairobi and settled in Umoja estate and there was a jobless corner, it literally was a jobless corner because my friends used to meet and hang out there because they had no job or any training. This is a good opportunity to train youth and they will be better placed to get jobs or create one”.

The two acts will headline the efforts to get the High school leavers to take up this classes and hone their skills for a better tomorrow.



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