Artists Disagree With DJ Pinye’s Gengetone Sentiments

Veteran Disk Jockey Pinye, recently gave his two cents into what ails the Kenyan music scene.

The pioneer DJ blamed a lack of structure in the music scene for Kenyan musicians’ lack of progress.

He said there are no music labels where upcoming musicians can get signed and receive full support from a company, allowing them to help with huge responsibilities like production and marketing.

According to DJ Pinye Kenyan musicians also lack the work ethic required to succeed internationally, adding that no Kenyan has the work ethic of Tanzanian artist Diamond.

The DJ claimed Kenyan artists only make music for Kenyans.

“People do music for Kenya only yet there’s the internet, the world is so small, you can’t play gengetone outside Kenya, I want you to do a song that will play even in South Africa,” stated Pinye.

Bien, yycomedian and Chipukeezy With DJ Pinye’s Gengetone Sentiments

There seemed to be a unanimous agreement that DJ Pinye’s opinion of Gengetone music missed the mark.

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist replied;

“The Bald Men Association would like to distance themselves from the comments and/or statements made by said individual. His opinion does not in anyway represent that of the association.”

Oga Obinna wondered why he chose to speak on the matter, asking;

“Speaking as who as who exactly.”

yycomedian gave his opinipn on the topic as well, saying he does not understand a word on Despacito yet it’s the most watched song worldwide.

He also pointed out they don’t even speak in some south African songs, so language is not an issue.

Comedian Chipukeezy chose to encourage Gengetone artists, writing;

“Gengetone is king. Watu wangu wa Gengetone keep singing don’t fit in keep going.”