Artist Spotlight: Udulele John – Father of Soulful Benga & Katingwati Groove

Udulele John is an award-winning musical hyphenate. His skill set encompasses singing, songwriting, music production, instruments, and audio engineering. Udulele describes his sound as Soulful Benga blended with layers of percussive sounds that are inspired by the vast diversities of East African instrumentation.

His unique instrument-rich style of music is also spruced with Katingwati rhythm/groove – a soundscape that acts as the foundation for the studio he co-founded known as Bengatronics. Udelele takes pride in being very experimental with his sound as this gives his music an Afro-centric and Afro-futurism touch. In essence, his sound is a fusion of Benga and traditional rhythms with Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

Wakalala, Adungu Love, and Macho Gololi are just some of the releases under Udulele John’s discography. Throughout his career, he has managed to put out sonically aesthetic music and attract fans from Kenya and beyond. Furthermore, Udelele John is also an eclectic and unforgettable live performer who knows how to thrill a crowd.

In October this year, Udulele John released his debut album Soulful Benga Vol 1. This project is a collection of 11 songs that truly embody his sound through sonics, audio production, and even collaborations. Soulful Benga Vol 1 features input from talents such as Ayrosh, Nyati Dysa, ItsYaba, Jo Bissa & Umoja.

Some of the tracks in Soulful Benga Vol 1 include Lamu Tamu, Nyambura, Ngolo, Biwamiel, and Village Girl. Just as in his sound, Udelele also showcases diversity in his choice of musical themes in this collection. Some of these include love, storytelling, pleasures, heartbreak, and spirituality to mention a few.

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