Artist Spotlight: Trap and Hip Hop Star Blu Lace 16

Blu Lace 16 is a Kenyan Trap and Hip Hop artist. He grew up in a musical household and began writing and recording his own music at a young age. Despite being mainly a Hip Hop artist, his ever-evolving sound has seen him incorporate elements of other genres such as RnB and Pop into his distinct melodic sound.

Blu Lace 16

This young rapper has a growing and impressive catalog that features an array of solo projects and versatile collaborations. The most popular of his songs include Different Life, Many Money, and LC Waikiki.

Last year, Blu Lace 16 released his 2 track EP, Semi Quaver which hosts the songs Brick and Opinions. The EP’s strong messages of hard work, and investing in oneself are evidence of his determination to make it in the music game. While putting across powerful messages, he also used the EP to flaunt his lyrical prowess and delivery through the sing-along bars.

Since joining the music scene he has graced several stages to sharpen his live performance skills. The Different Life rapper has also made a name for himself in the local Hip Hop scene courtesy of his unique flow and grit.

Blu Lace 16 Upcoming EP

Blu Lace 16 is currently working on his upcoming EP – Delta Boy. According to him, this collection will feature his characteristic blend of melodic trap sound. In addition to that, the EP will also showcase his growth as a musician. Expect catchy beats, thought-provoking lyrics, and a fresh perspective on the hip-hop genre.

Blu Lace 16

The sky is the limit for the Brick rapper. Blu Lace 16 has demonstrated his potential to top music charts and build a solid fan base. Furthermore, his consistency and appetite for growth make him deserving of a slot in your Hip Hop and Trap playlist. Stream his music here.

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