Artist Spotlight: Thandiwe Muriu Creates Art On Her On Terms

Kenyan photographer, Thandiwe Muriu‘s beautiful work is well known both at home, on the African continent, and abroad.

Behind the striking and colorful and captivating portraits in some of her work are more art pieces and stories to take in.

One of her series currently showcasing in New York at 154 Art Fair with 193 Gallery titled “CAMO Series” features melanated models shot against bold kitenge backgrounds that blend with the models only leaving their faces, hair, and accessories to stand out. She describes it as below:

The Camo series is a labour of love straight from my heart. It is a celebration of all things vibrant, beautiful and uniquely African… a celebration of me and you.

Part 2 of the series celebrates our hair, reimaging traditional African hairstyles as the crowns of beauty we ought to treasure them as.

The self-taught artist also told BBC last year that the series is “a little bit of a personal reflection on how I felt I can disappear into the background of my culture.”And my experience as a commercial female photographer was realizing that very quickly – because of the cultural context – I can be dismissed and disappear.” Her love for fashion photography made her find a way to do it on her terms.

Social media has nothing but praise for her work with positive after positive comments from all corners of the world.

This year her work has been shown in London and New York exhibitions. Muriu shared images on her social media of the exhibitions shouting out the Kenyans living in those cities who came to see her work especially.

Thandiwe Muriu works with local designers, models, stylists, makeup artists, and more in her own work and other commissioned projects. Her Instagram and website are a happy place to take in her work and read the thoughts behind them.

Look out for her exhibitions wherever you are, she’s coming through!

Images: Thandiwe Muriu

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