Artist Spotlight: Rising Music Producer Soundkraft

Soundkraft a talented record producer, composer, mix engineer, and live DJ, is making waves across the music scene. The young Kenyan music producer is becoming a highly sought talent courtesy of his range of skills and unique blending of different genres.


From a young age, Soundkraft immersed himself in music production, starting in his early teens. Initially working in the underground music scene, he honed his craft by producing for his peers and artist friends. However, it was in 2022 that Soundkraft truly burst onto the mainstream music scene with his breakout project, Kushman’s Nawacha Pombe, at the age of just 19.

Hits by Soundkraft

Nawacha Pombe became a viral sensation on TikTok, captivating audiences with its infectious beats and catchy lyrics. Soundkraft not only produced the track but also engineered it to perfection. Teaming up with talented artist Kushman, the duo created a winning combination that resonated with music lovers across Africa.

Building on the success of Nawacha Pombe, Soundkraft, and Kushman decided to release a remix of the track. They enlisted the help of Ssaru and Benzema, two prominent artists who were captivated by the song’s originality. The remix took TikTok by storm once again and climbed the charts, solidifying Soundkraft’s position as a chart-topping producer.

Only two months later, Soundkraft unveiled his next release, Sijazoea Kuteteshwa. Building on the unique Soundkraft sound that had captured audiences before, this track quickly gained popularity, spreading his music to an even wider audience. Sijazoea Kuteteshwa received widespread recognition from mainstream media and dominated the airwaves.

Soundkraft’s Debut Single

In April 2023, the Nawacha Pombe Producer took another significant step in his career by releasing his debut single, Tudance, under his own artist brand. Demonstrating his versatility as a producer, Soundkraft masterfully blended sounds from rhumba, dancehall, and reggaeton in this track. With his signature production style, he created a vibrant and energetic song featuring vocal performances by Akhama and Shel.

Soundkraft’s ability to seamlessly crossbreed trendy dance music from various cultures, both within and outside Africa, sets him apart as a groundbreaking producer. He has a unique talent for creating infectious beats that transcend borders and resonate with diverse audiences. By blending different musical influences, he creates a sound that is truly his own, captivating fans across the continent.

As Soundkraft continues to push musical boundaries, he is poised to become one of Africa’s most prominent producers. With his remarkable skills as a producer, mix engineer, and live DJ, he is constantly evolving and experimenting. Soundkraft’s passion for music and dedication to his craft are driving forces that will undoubtedly propel him to even greater heights in the African music industry. Keep an ear out for Soundkraft, as he continues to shape the sound of the future.

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