Artist Spotlight: Rising Afropop Singer Secretlyjuly

Secretlyjuly is a new rising Afropop and Afro Swing songstress. Her sound is characterized by her distinct sultry voice and sensual lyrics. She is a go-getter whose ability to sing is irrefutable as she oozes star quality, confidence, and tenacity. In addition to that, Secretlyjuly is magnetic, sensual, and rebellious with an ever-eccentric and alluring personality.


Debut Song – July

Having joined showbiz professionally this year, her future in music is very promising. Her debut song – July was dropped this month. It is a true representation of her brand which revolves around her being herself. July is an infectious smooth fusion of Afropop and R&B, laced with Secretlyjuly’s sonorous vocals. This song is proof of her potential to take over the Kenyan Afropop scene by storm.

“July is a feel-good confident single. When working on this project I was at one of my lowest points and needed to write something that would boost my confidence. July came to be as a manifestation song to always feel good about oneself and believe in one’s magic. I wrote it to feel encouraged and good about July, myself. I needed a tune people could listen to and want to hype themselves in that manner. To remember that confidence comes from within. July is also an introduction single. I wanted people to hear July and be introduced to my world of class and rave through my feel-good lyrics. An Afropop song was then born.” She explains.

Apart from being a singer and songwriter, Secretlyjuly also comfortably wears many hats as she is also an abstract artist, radio host, business developer, content creator, fashion enthusiast, and instrumentalist. Despite a hectic work balance, Secretlyjuly remains focused on expressing herself through music. We sure can’t wait to see what she has in store in the coming years. July is available on all streaming platforms.

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