Artist Spotlight: Rap Duo Trippy Chippy and Bombae Saffire

Trippy Chippy and Bombae Saffire are Kenya’s most promising stars in the rap scene. Since teaming up in 2017, the two have been on a mission to make duos great again. The duo’s catchy hooks, music arrangement, and electric chemistry make them stand out.

Trippy Chippy and Bombae Saffire

Their sound and style represent an authentic Nairobi vibe. It is characterized by Shrap – a combination of Sheng language and Trap-laden beats, lyrical flow, a sprinkle of contemporary RnB Pop, and vibrant music visuals. The duo’s debut EP Levitate is a solid collection that echoes their determination to succeed in the music industry. In it are 5 songs – Bag, Top, Comin,’ Hit n Finesse, and Make It.

In 2018, they took a music hiatus to focus on their studies and understand the inner workings of showbiz. Last year, Trippy Chippy and Bombae Saffire made an exciting comeback with 4 singles – Lottery, Another Blessing, Living For Me, and Do What You Do. So far, these tunes have received favorable reviews.

Described as one of the most explosive duos in Kenyan music, these two rappers are definitely on the right track. Together, they have accrued over 150,000 streams across major digital streaming platforms. Apart from dripping in lyrical barz, the two are also co-founders of Dabrowski Entertainment – an independent Hip Hop Record label to which they are signed.

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