Artist Spotlight: Mwende Set To Take Over The Rap Scene By Storm

Mwende is an independent artist from Kenya. Her music which is inspired greatly by her mother boasts impeccable storytelling and relatable narratives. According to Mwende, real-life experiences are also a huge part of the influence behind her lyrics. This allows her to invoke strong emotions from her listeners. Furthermore, she also has a multi-genre approach. She is able to tackle genres such as Hip Hop, Afro-pop, Bongo, Afro beats, and Amapiano, all while maintaining a consistent brand.


Mwende recently dropped her debut EP Huu Mwaka and it is best described as an uplifting musical journey with a nostalgic Afrobeat sound combined with a modern dancehall style. It contains 5 songs i.e., Huu Mwaka, Alikam Through, Mtanikoma, Pewa, and Relax (The Refix).


This EP’s title track Huu Mwaka is very catchy as its lyrics spew storytelling prowess. In addition, the song has a captivating contrast between the Swahili dialect and English. This makes it a perfect candidate for a club banger. The entire Huu Mwaka EP has powerful instrumentation in each track giving it a vocal, anthemic, uplifting, and radiant feeling.

The Pewa rapper got into music professionally in 2020 right after graduating high school in 2019. Even though she only started out her journey as a rapper recently, Mwende has already managed to slowly amass a small but loyal following. With plans to release even more new music in the near future, Mwende hopes to engage current audiences and reach out to new ones with her exciting yet profound creations.

Armed with big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, Mwende seeks to positively influence the world and connect with like-minded individuals through her music. She is definitely well on her way to becoming one of this generation’s most sought-after acts.

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