Artist Spotlight: Kari Wagura

The say “Follow your dreams and the universe will open doors for you where there were walls only” and that’s just what aspiring artist Kari Wagura is doing, who first learnt of Berklee College of Music while listening to singer/songwriter Eric Wainaina (Kenya’s first Berklee alumni) and enrolled to pursue her dream.
Born in Kenya and now living in Boston, Kari is passionately devoted to African cultural heritage, restoring it and preserving it. She had her first benefit concert last weekend in Boston to raise funds for her schooling and featured a live performance from her and Madagascan artist Niu Raza.
Photo by Lumz Lenz

Photo by Lumz Lenz

KenyanVibe caught up with the young starlet and talked about a few random things. Check it out:
KV : When did you first discover you wanted to do music?
When i was a teenager. I loved everything about it so i couldn’t make up my mind between deejaying, performing or creating for film.
KV: Best era in music 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and why?
The 70’s, The evolution of Rhumba , The migration of all most of Congolese & Zairian musicians to Nairobi, due to political instability. Inspiring bands like Les Wanyika and a song like Shauri Yako. That’s my eraThe 70’s Soul Funk music. Don Cornelius started the awesomest line dance show Soul Train. My parents ‘feel good’ music.
KV: Armageddon is upon us and you’ve been chosen to migrate to a new planet and can only take five albums with you, which five albums would you take with you?
Bob Marley – Legend
Just A Band discography 😉 
Bill Withers – Just as I Am 
Yvonne Chaka Chaka – Princess of Africa
Sting Discography …
Did you say albums ahahaha? 🙂 
Kari Wagura3
KV: What about your adult self would most impress or disappoint your childhood self?
Impressed  – That my never quit attitude is intact and I’m still self searching (Always thought i was a slightly complex kid)
Disappointed – The older version of her is chilled to the bones of hospitals. She wasn’t called to be a doctor. 
KV: Are you a Spotify or Pandora type of gal?
Hmmmm… can’t pick . I use Pandora to discover music and Spotify to focus & bond with a musician of interest.
KV:  Why Berklee school of music? 
Because its Berklee! There’s only one Berklee! Its one of the best music schools in the world and it’s has always been my dream school . There’s Harvard , there’s MIT and there’s Berklee.
KV: You should support my indiegogo campaign because …….
You care.
It takes a village to raise a child 🙂 …
This means the world to me, I want to be able to archive traditional African music and lullabies (i know they are songs too haha) in sheet music, write for African Broadway shows and make musicals on African Stories, heroes and traditions.  I worry of my culture and this would be your contribution towards cultural heritage restoration & preservation through me . Music is a passion and I want to hone the skill.
Just because you care.
Support Kari’s dream to attend Berklee College of Music by supporting her Indiegogo Campaign. 
*All images by Lumz Lenz

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