Artist Spotlight: ‘It’s the King’ King Kaka Mixtape

A good artist never sleeps on his craft. King Kaka has just released his 7th mixtape. After releasing his 4th album last year to rave reviews, he keeps it grinding, and his current 17 track project is a gem. It plays like an album. It has a theme that repeats over several songs. It peels layer after layer of what King Kaka is about.

He opens the mixtape with ‘Gorilla‘ and takes stock over his empire. As the battle for ‘Who is King’ rages on between King Kaka, Juliani, Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo, King Kaka throws punches in ‘Gorilla’

‘Yaani me ni mtight than your favourite MC, lakini it’s too bad your favourite MCs girl ni mloose.


‘It’s the King’ has the fun ‘the weekend is here, I just got paid and I got money to blow’ track ‘Rusha’ where King Kaka connects Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Jay Moe from Tanzania and Navio from Uganda drop bars to show that East Africa knows how to throw down a dope record then King Kaka comes in with;

…Nikiwa undergound, nilikuwa najenga foundation,
Not yet Jigga,
But buda na rock nation…


In ‘Lazima Kuhappen’ King Kaka and Provoke team up for an ‘I’m broke but I’m still going to get lit’ track. The song that should be dedicated to January.


‘…Kuna yule hajatoa ngata,anaclaim twende westie,
hata tukimpeleka,hana doe ya kinywaji…

He also has soul affirming emotional ballads like ‘Mama‘ featuring 3HT which brought a tear to my eye just like ‘Promised Land’ from his previous album ‘Legend of Kaka’ does. I always think about special people who have passed when these songs play. It is soul crushing and building at the same time.
Khakis’ vocals on ‘Nisamehe’ are heavenly. Her vocals are perfect for this track because it plays like a prayer.

Uko Wapi’ is my favourite record in the project and the most brilliant thing I’ve heard in a long time.King Kaka talks to Rabbit on the phone. Rabbit is the struggling artist and King Kaka is the successful legend that he is today. King Kaka and Rabbit have a conversation and some truths are revealed, some regrets are shared and some respects are accorded. After listening to this track I realized the entire mixtape has a strong Rabbit voice alongside King Kakas.

‘It’s the King’ is a mad good project. It’s deep, it’s sweet, it’s sexy and it’s fun. Check it out on King Kaka YouTube or download it from Mdundo

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