Artist Spotlight: Iddi Hemed

It’s very unusual in today’s here today, gone tomorrow era for an artist to create an impact with just one single, but new R&B sensation Iddi Hemed has managed to achieve that feat.

Hailing from Mombasa, Iddi  hooked up with veteran producer Ted Josiah and after a few months of back and forth they created Iddi’s new single ‘Usijali‘ and a new genre of music along with it dubbed SWARnB (Swahili and R&B)

While we wait and see how long #SWARnB  will stick around, one thing’s for sure, Iddi’s new single is amazing! Yup, the kid’s got mad talent. Usijali is one of those songs you want to listen to over and over again, just because of how refreshing the sound feels.

Real music is making a come back in Kenya people! And it’s artists like Iddi who are leading that movement.

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