Artist Spotlight: Hip Hop Drill Artist Jodye Faneto

Jodye Faneto is a Kenyan Hip Hop Drill artist and MAD (Music All Day) Records signee. Like many other rappers, Jodye’s love for music began at a young age. Since he started pursuing music professionally, Jodye has grown to create a massive and solid discography courtesy of his strong work ethic and consistency.

So far, Jodye Faneto has released 5 EPs Boy Mbad, Roadman Chronicles, Streets Za East, Anaku Hook, and Trap Problems 1. With hits such as Postman Pat, Hood Fave, Tembea Na Kidungi, Sonko Road Bop, and Pach under his belt, this young rapper is well on his way to Hip Hop royalty. Popular for his captivating lyrics and confident delivery, the Pach rapper says that his music is a reflection of his day-to-day experiences.

Jodye’s unique style has made him stand out among his peers. Additionally, the Postman Pat hitmaker has time and time again proven his versatility through collaborative projects such as the Streets Za East and Trap Problems 1 EPs which he did with Santos Carty and Skinny Gean respectively.

Jodye Faneto Future Releases

For the longest time, the MAD Records signee’s style has been hardcore Hip Hop. However, this year, he intends to switch things a little by taking a dark and eerie Drill style that will see him unveil a slightly different side of himself to his fans.

In line with this new way of operation, Jodye’s first single of the year 666 is scheduled for release this April. Despite the change, Sonko Road Bop rapper is confident that his new approach will keep his fans entertained and take his craft to the next level. Apart from 666 Joyde Faneto also plans to release 2 EPs – Bigger Than Biggie and Kabla TSKG, as well as his much-anticipated album TSKG this year.

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