Fashion Spotlight: Glam Style At Its Best With Hellen Tolbert

Scrolling through Ellen Design’s Instagram page, one can’t help but get mesmerized by the glam and elegance the brand exudes. Each design showcases excellence at its best.

Ellen Design - Officials Wear

The fashion line that targets modern-day individuals is set on giving every client a confidence boost; making them look stylish, classy, and glamorous. The product range includes special occasions and events, official and casual wear. It also caters to brides and bridal parties, corporates, and institutions.

Hellen Tolbert founded the fashion house 8 years ago after quitting employment to pursue her passion for fashion and design. Since then she’s never looked back, the brand has grown from one level to the next.

Ellen Design - Long Flowy

“I’ve always been passionate about fashion. As I was employed, I remember, I used to get clothes and have them made here and there. I designed my own clothes and changed the design once I bought them. And so it reached a point I said, you know what let me quit my regular job and start doing this officially and put my passion out there,” Hellen told the Standard.

Ellen Design | Fashion House in Kenya | Designer Helen Tolbert

Despite not having enough capital, that did not deter Hellen from going after what she believed in. She started her business with Ksh 5000 only.

“When I first started this, I didn’t have enough capital to start. When I quit my job I quit without notice so I had to pay my employer and the money that I was left with was only Sh. 5, 000. So I took that and went with it to Gikomba Market and picked a few clothes with it. From there I’d save up [until] I got to a point where I bought my first machine. From the first machine I had my first employee. Later on, I got my second employee. Like that I grew.”

Ellen Design - Bridal Gowns

Today, Ellen Design has become a powerhouse, dressing up some of the biggest names.