Artist Spotlight: H_art the Band

Kenchez, Shirah and Mordekai are the sensational guys who make up Kenya’s favorite generation Y boy band, H_art the Band. Many of you might have watched them perform at the heart of Nairobi’s biggest and coolest events but not many of you know what it takes to make H_art the Band who they are today.

Their musical journey goes back to their younger days at the Kenya National Theatre where they became musical friends and enrolled into the Sauti Academy. You can say that God brought them together. They found that they had sounds and styles that complemented each other and that begun their journey as a band.

These three guys practice daily, as in daily! They live together, which allows them to work as one entity . Turning their passion into profit did not come easy because no one believes in you until you have proved yourself. Their sweat and tears brought them into the limelight. Their resilience and hope pays their bills. Their love for each other and the work they produce opens big doors for them. Their success can only be deemed by the hard work they put in. From singing in the streets to winning Continental awards, H_art the Band mean business. They are a real motivation!