Artist Spotlight: Elani

Its hard not mention Elani, when talking about Kenyan music these days. Elani which means ‘Light‘ in Giriama is a perfect description of the trio composed of former USIU students Muthoni, Maureen and Bryan.

After sampling their debut album ‘Barua ya Dunia‘ which we gave a solid 4 stars out of 5, their sound and soulful voices are extremely refreshing in this era of auto-tune. These guys sound like the modern day Boyz II Men, except of course they’re not an all male group, duh!!!

With their latest single ‘KooKoo‘ heating up the charts and sparking a new romantic movement in Nairobi, we can confidently say that we see nothing but ‘Big Tings’ ahead for the trio forget we said the same about Camp Mulla

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