Artist Spotlight: Darya Kish Claiming Her Spot With New Fire EP

The first time you listen to a Darya Kish song you will undeniably be captivated by her voice. You will then proceed to play the song over and over, and the only complaint you will have is that it was too short. Lol. Well, this was my experience when I came across her vocals randomly after listening to a KV playlist by Max Nyota.

Draya has over the last years built herself an audience of listeners like me who are captivated by her voice and her excellent penmanship in writing. Yes fam, she is not only a singer but also a songwriter and a radio presenter at NRG radio.


Now that’s out of the way; July is looking up with a new EP from the rising star.

Here’s some info to note about the EP titled A Decade Ago: 

Tracks: 8
Themes: Love, feelings, life.
Produced by: Cityboy Studios
“Charged up”“Vanity”  “Simple Things “Step At A Time”  “Give Me A Chance”

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