Artist Spotlight: Afropop Artist Shifuu

Shifuu is a South African-based Kenya recording, and performing artist and entrepreneur. Versatility is his key strength if his releases so far are anything to go with. Despite being a good Afropop artist, Shifuu is also able to oscillate between other genres such as Amapiano and rap. So far, he has released 3 singles – My Boo, Badness, and his latest Peti Panda.


His love for music manifested at a tender age and he has since pursued excellence in singing, playing instruments, and dancing. All these have made him an all-round and vibrant entertainer. Shifuu became curious about making music professionally after accompanying his friends to record music in their local studio. After a few recordings in Mombasa, he ventured out to the capital city of Kenya (Nairobi) before moving to South Africa.

While his music career is still young, Shifuu has already mastered the art of storytelling through relatable music that touches on themes such as love, and relationships. As he works to pave his own path in Kenyan showbiz, Shifuu’s ability to create bangers is clear. His aura radiates the vibes, determination, talent, and exuberance that are essential for success. Shifuu’s latest release Peti Panda is an Afropop banger with a fast tempo and catchy lyrics.

The Peti Panda singer looks up to Wizkid and Diamond whose careers he has followed keenly since his teenage days. He wishes to follow in the same footsteps and is determined to enjoy the success of a fulfilling music career just like them.

As an entrepreneur, Shifuu owns a clothing brand – Artfit Africa. This brand is an exclusive homegrown streetwear brand heavy on prints and bold designs. The idea is a representation of the fusion between fashion design and Afrocentric art.

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