Art Wins: WiseTwo’s Premiere Exhibit in Recuperating Paris

Just a few days before a series of synchronized terrorist attacks were carried out across Paris last month, a Kenyan graffiti artist was preparing for his first ever exhibit in the City of Light.

WiseTwo, otherwise known as Bhupi Jetwa, wanted to share, preserve and spread culture – the opposite of what the terrorists wanted.

And despite the horrors that plagued the city on Nov. 13, WiseTwo’s exhibit turned out a great success.

"Sun God"

“Sun God”

“The mood was a bit different in Paris after, but life still went on and people were doing what they would be doing if such an attack never happened,” WiseTwo told KenyanVibe recently. “Paris is and will always remain a beautiful place with beautiful people.”

WiseTwo’s opening on Nov. 7 brought an abundance of art lovers to Galerie Itinerrance, fusing together a prestigious location with a diverse art form.

“The people loved the world I created for them with my art,” WiseTwo said. “The spiritual, the mystical and traditional essence of Africa was definitely present there, which also provided a serene balance of mind.”

Among the plethora of attendants was Shepard Fairey – acclaimed American designer of Obey The Giant – whom WiseTwo said he was thrilled to have the honor to meet.

Unknown and Shepard Fairey (right) at WiseTwo's Paris exhibit (Photo/Galeri)

Unknown and Shepard Fairey at WiseTwo’s Paris exhibit (Photo/Galerie Itinerrance).

“Fairey came to…where the after party was and we had a good time exchanging notes, experiences and many other stories about politics, life and art,” WiseTwo said, mentioning that Fairey had just concluded his “Earth Crisis” instillation at the Eiffel Tower.

Already traveling across the globe to promote his distinct graffiti-style, WiseTwo said that he is already looking forward to a future filled with “dope projects.”

“I took away lots of experience positivity and a strong drive to produce more work,” WiseTwo said of the Paris exhibit. “Hopefully the years to come will be full of blessings.”

Check out a selection of WiseTwo’s artwork exhibited at Galerie Itinerrance until Dec. 19:

"Deeply Rooted"

“Deeply Rooted”







"Green with Envy"

“Green with Envy”







"Memorize the Sun"

“Memorize the Sun”

Originally from Sweden, Chris is a journalist with an extensive interest for African culture and the arts.