Art for Africa

Last week we were honored to attend Sotherby’s Art for Africa auction, a collaboration between African, American and African-American artist that was put together by the Africa Foundation.

The event which was held at Sotherby’s in New York featured art by different African artists such as Peter Kamwathi (Kenya), Mary Sibande (South Africa), Peter Beard (USA), Kiluanji Kia Henda (Angola), Lovemore Kambudzi (Zimbabwe), Andy Warhol (USA), Adolphus Opara (Nigeria) and many more.

The auction, which was both a live and silent auction, also
featured African DJ programming and live music by upcoming band The
Brown Rice Family organized by Entertainment and Promotional Partner
Cocody Productions.

About Art for Africa

Art for Africa was developed by the Africa Foundation UK and grew from an initial idea of philanthropist Tara and Jessica Getty and their friend, South African contemporary artist, Beezy Bailey. Proceeds from  the sale are used to support charitable work in support of orphaned and vulnerable children in South and East Africa.


Jake Bright, Dave Mathews, Chad Harper

Enyinne Owunwanne, Badu Njoroge, Foloke Eniola

Brown Rice Family Band

Morgan George & Model Ger Duany

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