Are You Excited About The Return of Nyashinski To The Music Scene?

Anyone who has cared about rap in the 254 knows that Nyashinski was a beast on the mic back in the day as part of the trio, Kleptomaniax. Then he relocated to the States and although he was still putting music up on his SoundCloud page, he was visibly missing on radio and TV while Collins Majale AKA King Wa Rap kept holding down the fort. Roba, well, we’re not going to talk about him because I really don’t know what happened to him.

Anyway, Nyashinski decided that it was finally time to get back in the game because well obviously fans were asking why he’d stopped making music and what he was up to. That’s just how dope it was. If he wasn’t, he’d already have been dead and gone to us.

So he started off with Let It Go with Nameless. It was a good comeback but I’ll say this to you honestly. I didn’t expect Nyashinski to sing on it and like many others, we were waiting for fire bars. Listening to this now, that was a good strategy. Not many may have been pleased by him singing on it but it got radio and TV airplay so everybody knew that Shinski was up to something.

Two days after the release of Let It Go (well according to the publishing date on You Tube), Collo and Nyashinski dropped Hii Mtaa Ina Manyoka. It’s a trap song with both these rappers flexing on their beat using simple lyrics (as is the norm with trap) and a singable chorus. Take it from someone who hosts a Hip Hop show. The reaction of listeners every time DJ Finalkut drops this record is incredible.

Then came Nairobi with UB which so far is my favorite of his releases. For some reason I can’t seem to find the link to this track anywhere online but take my word for it, it’s a good jam. That for me marked the return of Nyashinski.

Then just a couple of hours ago, Nyash dropped the visuals to his track “Now You Know”. Produced by Beat Ya Keggah, in the song Nyash addresses the fact that he hasn’t rapped in a while (since 2006 to be more specific) but he says, with pride, that it doesn’t matter because when he returns, even after 50 years, he’ll crush other rappers.

He also talks about not doing rap for a while and his fans complaining that he just stopped rapping “Niliacha game mapema kabla ref hajapiga firimbi, bila kwaheri ati walistukia tu kuna Klepto mmoja haimbi…” but he asks if he would have still been rapping throughout would we (fans) still want to hear him rap or would we be treating him as we do the pioneers?

He says that to him rap is just a hobby because if it was a career he’d be sleeping hungry cuz of things like Naija Nite in Nairobi. His word to upcoming/new rappers? Stay humble because it will get to a point that the fans will get tired of your music likening that to having a guest at home on the first day.

Now You Know is basically a statement, a press release in a way. What I love about Nyash coming back is the fact that him being away hasn’t stopped him from knowing what’s happening on the ground.

I’m excited to hear more from him.

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