Are We Going Natural?

I don’t know anyone aside from my mom and the hair dresser at the local salon who’s seen my natural hair. My black, type 4c, kinky natural hair. Not my closest friends, nor my family and certainly not the people I date. There’s been a sort of shame that black girls have about natural hair, but maybe that’s about to change.

The natural hair movement is making a comeback. A quick scroll on social media, from Facebook to Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, you can check out some of the most popular naturals, Kurly Kichana, Anita M, Yvette Kemi showing you how this could be your next trend. Internationally, Janelle Monae, Tracy Ellis, India Arie and Solange Knowles lead the charge. With the latter not only showing off her natural locks on her page, but also through her music. *A Seat at the Table, featuring Don’t touch my Hair made its debut at number one on the Billboard charts.

Sheila Ndinda, Kenyan natural hair lover, style and fashion blogger is choc full of tips and tricks on how to twist and curl and care for your natural hair. Step by step video tutorials, pictures and blog posts are so easy to come by now that you have no reason not to go natural. One of the main things though, about having a fashionable fro, is keeping a proper regiment. Hair needs nutrition.
East Africa’s first hair care line for all women of natural and textured hair, Marini Naturals are celebrating their 1yr anniversary this Thursday 1st Dec. at the high-end lounge, Privee Westlands. The young company that was recently featured by CNN African Start-ups as one to watch are intent on telling “The African Story in a bottle.” Their CEO, Michelle Ntalami said, “Our Vision is to be the leading hair care and skin care line for all women in Africa.”

Patricia Kihoro along with Jason Runo will be the hosts of the night with Cece Sagini, Ythera and the Weavers band performing. Dress code? Smart Casual with a Touch of Orange.

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