Apple TV’s Elephant Queen Mobile Truck Involved In Grizzly Accident Near Shimba Hills

Elephant Queen’s mobile movie truck was on Wednesday 17, involved in an accident near Shimba Hills injuring the driver.

Nicknamed ’Athena’ by Elephant Queen’s team, the customized lorry crashed on its way to Busho school to hold screenings of The Elephant Queen film. The driver, who was the only one present when the accident happened, was rushed to hospital with minor injuries.

“Our mobile cinema truck has unfortunately been involved in an accident. We are grateful that no-one was seriously injured, however, the truck was extensively damaged,” said the team on social media.

“We are grateful to our wonderful and dedicated team who have supported the driver and each other today but devastated the custom-designed truck sustained so much damage.”

According to the team, the screening will still continue despite the huge loss. The film crew, who are working with Apple TV in distributing the wildlife film, have been on a four-month tour that has seen thousands watch the film.

“Prior to today’s accident, our team had completed more than 17 screenings of The Elephant Queen and reached over 6000 people in the first two weeks in schools and communities in southern Kenya,” said the team in the statement.

“The screenings are part of our 8 month-long nationwide tour inspiring Kenyans towards an appreciation and understanding of elephants and the environment. We are hugely thankful to those members of the community and Kenya Wildlife Service who provided assistance after the accident. We have salvaged as much of the mobile cinema equipment as we can and are determined to continue to carry the film and conservation message to Kenyans everywhere.”

The Elephant Queen is a wildlife feature film shot in Tsavo National Park. It stars a charismatic matriarch and her extraordinary family as they experience Nature at its most generous, and at its most harsh. It was short in four years and officially released in November 2019.

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