Anto Neosoul Wasn’t Kidding, Unfollows Friends Who Don’t Support Him Online

Singer and TV host Anto Neosoul is tired of familiar faces always showing on his timeline but with little value.

Last week, the singer took to social media to announce that he’s unfollowing friends who are not supporting him online despite his efforts to support them.

“Unfollowing “friends”,” the Trend TV host said on Instagram.

“I don’t care how long we have been friends, if I realize that you don’t really support my craft as much as I do yours, then why are we even friends in the first place.”

Online support is something Kenyan entertainers have publicly begged for several times.

Entertainers usually end up frustrated and call out fans and fellow celebrities for ignoring their projects online. Neosoul said he was tired of giving and never getting back.

“There’s nothing wrong about your craft, there’s something wrong with friends who feel they need more from you so they can be there for you. It’s 2021 I’m not taking this B.S anymore,” he added.

He has managed to cut his following to just under 900 now. We don’t know how far he’ll go.


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