Anto Neosoul, Owuor Arunga, Lucy Lugano Electrify Their Fans At The Alchemist

Relevancy and consistency are two key ingredients a musician should factor in as they navigate their careers. Anto Neosoul has managed to stay relevant by prioritizing his local fans when he chooses where and when to perform. 

Having his own well-organized events since the days of Paragasha is a smart move that many other musicians should emulate. The Saturday night live performance dubbed antoLive 2.0 was according to the musician, radio personality and actor a celebration of his past, present, and future in music.

The mini-concert kicked off with reggae singer Lucy Lugano belting out her reggae-influenced jams, followed by Anto Neosoul and his band who were joined by Kisumu born jazz trumpeter and four-time Grammy winner Owuor Arunga. Lucy is also a great vocalist and did a great job rousing the crowd.

It was such a joy to watch Arunga who a brilliant performer do his thing alongside Anto Neosoul’s band. Anto performed some of his original songs including Chips Funga, Paid my Dues together with some amazing renditions. On stage, he had so much energy yet this did not affect his vocal prowess at all. The set was probably 3 hours long and the majority of the crowd stayed on – that should mean something! DJ Joe and Gaza King were on the decks, and they were probably briefed to play KE music only since local hits blustered all night!

Anto had teamed up with two companies Hennessy and Skyward Express who sponsored the event. Skyward who collaborated with Anto on his latest music video. Hennessy bottles and cocktails were available all night. The singer has been one of the prospering artistes the booze brand has been engaging to push their brand to its target consumers.

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