Anto Neo Soul Makes Music Comeback After 8-year Haitus

Presenter Anto Neo Soul has released his sophomore album ‘Welcome 2 My Soul’ after eight years away from the music scene.

Neo Soul’s project is a soul album that involves a deep dive into the emotions and vulnerabilities of a man in love and heartbreak.

According to the NTV presenter, he has been working on the album for the last five years with producer Dillie.

“I know y’all have seen me shine different times but we must admit the light rarely ever lasts…
I’ve been working on this sophomore album with Dillie since 2018, sharing voice notes, ideas, reworking lyrics, trying to get collabos, adding instrumentalists, throwing out whole song ideas… all that led to this moment. This moment I’m most proud of; this is a masterpiece.” he said on social media.


“I’ve poured my heart out a lot so much so that I don’t feel it bleed anymore so instead I create music for those who truly understand what I’m all about and who give an F about great music.
This is it; my imagination and determination.”

Only Grammy Award Winner Owuor Arunga has been featured in the 10-track album.

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