#AnneConventional: Color Trends to Brighten Up Your Fall Closet

Without a doubt fall is one of my favorite season. It’s never too hot nor too cold, it’s pretty and pleasant. The colors change, the clocks jump back, the thought of something new is always in the air. All in all, doing a mini research on this year’s fall/winter color trends was an eye-opening experience. Designers sent out creations filled with a beautiful array of color pallets. I came across colors like saffron and marsala (0range-brown and burgundy for my basic intro to color readers), rose and amethyst orchid. So without further ado: Let’s jump in to all these beautiful colors reported by Pantone.



Food and fashion: yup, they do go together. Saffron has been spicing up the runways and will continue to do so in clothing stores near you. It’s a dark muted orange that goes well with neutrals such as navy, black and cream. Jazzy up this spicy color with a hot pink for that wild pairing combo.



One thing that comes to mind when I see this color is sweetness. Think marshmallows or cotton candy. It is a gentle and composed pink which can be played up with other pastels. You can cut down all the sweetness by wearing it tailored rather than a flowing skirt. To ground the sweet ensemble completely, pair it with blacks, navy or charcoal.


metallic grey

Who comes up with these names? Honestly? All I see is gray right? Wrong… Stormy weather is reminiscent of an overcast day, gray and cool. A color that seems to cover the sun making us feel sleepy or under the weather. Yeah! That doesn’t sound appealing at all. However, it is a very strong color that makes a bold statement. Think of a boulder that is constantly crushed by the waves yet remains unmovable. For a festive kick, go with a metallic number, feeling a little bit playful, pair it up with popping colors. It is a color that is constant and dependable thus implying quality and luxury. So grab a coat in a stormy weather hue and unleash your inner boss.



Pantone called it dried sage. Supremly used in khakis and military uniforms, this color has been elevated to all things sophisticated and chic. It’s organic and natural, a perfect undertone to any color — I mean any!



No white after Labor Day? Archaic right. Creamy whites and soft ivory tones are a go-to this season. Pair it with dark neutrals. If you happen to go for the white, go for textures and volume.




The crown jewel of the Pantone fall/winter color report. Anything with hint of purple makes me think of royalty. Amethyst Orchid takes both a precious jewel and a flower, combing them to create such a lovely hue that even the violets are jealous. It’s an intriguing color which evokes a certain sense of calm along with its sensuality, kind of like a lazy Sunday morning spent under the covers with a lover. It’s languid which holds a whole lot of mystery under its pristine waters and bold enough to mark it’s way on the Fashion Week runways. It inspires creativity, excitement, energy. Tone it with muted gray-greens and deep blues. Play it up a notch with warm colors like marigold and oranges.



This color is almost as popular as black. They could be sisters for all we care. Like it’s aforementioned sister (black) it can be worn head to toe on its own and it’s very slimming. Color psychologists say it’s a color that gets you in a contemplative mood, thoughtful and composed, still in meditation. It’s no wonder any serious profession swears to it like an oath. Hello there lawyers! It’s a cool, sophisticated color without any doubt. Navy is the ideal backdrop for more unusual colors, which intern make it look modern. Pair it with orchid, oranges, soft green, and mustards.


cadimium orange

Orange is definitely the new black. This warm playful color evokes a return to the 60s and 70s evoking a sentiment of optimism and fantasy. Maybe it’s the hippie in me but this color has a playful hidden nature, which is not on your face like some crazy bright orange hues. It can stand alone or pair it with soft neutrals like camel or toffee or even pale pinks.



Marsala is a winey red-brown that adds finesse and savoir faire. Just jotting that down makes me want to grab a glass of pinot noir, and watch scandal…. I meant Empire. Anyone excited that the Fall shows are back soon. Like a week away soon? Back to Marsala, it is a rich and robust color. Marsala incorporates the warmth and richness of a tastefully fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots point to a sophisticated, natural earthiness. Even though it is considered earthy, it has a flair of drama. Pair it with reds, pinks, chocolate browns and even black.



I had to squeeze it in here. It’s after all my favorite color! Crimson red, fire-engine red, classic red, I don’t care if it’s fifty shades of red — I love it all. Apart from my very biased opinion, designers like Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Delpozo showcased looks with this vibrant color. Red is bold, it’s loud, it’s bad in a good way (wink!) and it captures your attention. This winter won’t be dull with this color in your closet. So fire up your inner siren with this sexy color.


There you have it ladies. Save this in your browser or bookmark it and before you go shopping, take a quick glance. Happy shopping loves and remember to own it! Play around with colors this season, do something different, explore. I dare you. You might end up loving it. Be confident whether your rocking marsala or saffron, or even that crimson red.

Roshie Anne is KenyanVibe.com’s Fashion Editor and also an up and coming fashion designer living in the US. She also shares her style inspiration, lifestyle and fashion tips on her blog ANNECONVENTIONAL For more on fashion and style, follow her on twitter @an_conventional or on facebook Anneconventional