Anger Over Westgate Attack Footage Used On 24: Legacy

22 February of 2017 by

24: Legacy is a US show that airs on the Fox network and serves as a spinoff to the highly rated show 24. It’s not scoring the kinds of ratings that its predecessor used to manage – and many are saying that its use of shock tactics is one of the key reasons for this.

Cue the anger over what many are dubbing a poor choice by series and network executives: the decision to use footage from the Westgate Mall attack in 2013 – to pad out a storyline about a fictional attack in Egypt.

The episode aired this past Monday and was under the 3pm- 4pm hour.

Here is the official break down of the episode, in case you haven’t caught it yet:

Eric, who recognized Jadalla, asks Grimes about his lead, Gabriel, an arms dealer who provided the jihadists with guns and smuggled them in the US. Since Gabriel will demand secret military schematics in exchange for cooperation, Eric asks Mullins, who denies the proposal because of mistrusting Grimes’ intentions. Ingram has Shalowitz, who knows Mullins is planning to fire him, steal the schematics, which he gives to Eric, who breaks out Grimes; and the duo escapes CTU. Meanwhile, John becomes suspicious of Henry and acquires proof that the footage is fake. The former confronts the latter, who reveals that Jadalla forced him to send the information by threatening to disclose a deal his company made with ISIL.

Here is the deal. At least 67 people lost their lives during that terror attack – and horrific incidences of terrorism continue to affect Kenyans every year. Westgate left thousands mourning loved ones and an entire country in shock, having watched everything play out on TV.

A number of people took to social media in protest:

Fox is a big network and 24 a massive name – if they wanted to depict a mass shooting – they could have staged one. Forcing people to relive that moment in this kind of manner was not particularly necessary.

No doubt the vast majority of the show’s audience won’t make the connection – such is the nature of TV, but it makes a difference to us.

Image: Corey hawkins in 24 Legacy


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