Angela Okutoyi on Winning Wimbledon Doubles Championship

For the first time, a Kenyan has won a Grandslam Championship.

On Saturday, July 9 Angela Okutoyi alongside her Dutch teammate Rose Marie Nijkamp won the women’s junior doubles at Wimbledon.

Angela Okutoyi Reacts to Winning Wimbledon Doubles

Reacting to the major milestone in her Career, Okutoyi posted:


She added “I have no words to be honest but just to give my gratitude to my partner, my couches family and truly to all of you back home and to those who have been supporting me through thick and thin.

Thank you!!!”

Okotoyi said she will treasure the Wimbledon trophy forever.

“This will be forever be the trophy I treasure and our names Rose Marie Nijkamp will forever be remembered.”

In her interview post, the Championship win Okutoyi said she’s happy to inspire others Kenyans.

“Now I’m able to inspire the young kids out there in Kenya, now I’m able to put a belief in them that Yes we can do it.”

She added, “I want to see more Kenyans here next time.”

Rose Marie on Winning at Wimbledon

Okutoyi’s teammate Rose Marie also celebrated her first Grandslam win, shared:


She added, “This trophy equally belongs to my team, my family, my sponsors and people who always believed in me.

Thank you for supporting me on this journey. I am very happy to celebrate my first GRANDSLAM WIN here in London.”