AND1 Live Basketball tournament wraps up Kenyan tour


Nairobi, Kenya

The AND1 Live Basketball tour was in Kenya this past weekend for the third edition of the Sprite Slam Basketball Tournament. The first leg of  the tournament was held at Nyayo Stadium and later on moved to Mombasa at The Agha Khan Academy where the AND1 team team played verses the local team.

AND1 was originally put together as a basketball competition/exhibition tour in 2003, to help promote AND1 basketball apparel.  The AND1 team travel around the world challenging the best local players to some streetball.  The rules are very lenient which lends itself to a very entertaining game.

The team  include the popular players like Hot Sauce, Spyda, Werm, 50, Amazing, Highrizer, Baby Shaq and Airbama.  The tour has included stops in Zimbabwe and Kenya with Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda to come.

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