An #ALLSafe Staycation At Ibis Styles in Nairobi

After weeks of staying at home and counting down to when I could safely visit some of my favourite spots in Nairobi it was great to get to enjoy a staycation at the Ibis which was just then reopening.

Arriving at the hotel reception, although quiet with hardly any other guests checking in, it hit home that COVID-19 is going to be part and parcel of our hotel experiences for the foreseeable future. From the sanitizing station to signs showing how far apart people should be and the lifts maximum capacity being reduced to just two people at a time.

The hotel appointed a health and safety officer Mr. Vincent Okong’o to standardize their cleaning and hygiene protocols and to also answer any questions and concerns guests may have.

Luckily, I didn’t have any questions as I felt every little thing was thought of and every one I saw was masked up and keeping a distance.

My stay which started in the afternoon turned in to a happy hour with my girlfriend at Kilele Bar followed by some quiet time in my room. After debating whether or not I would dress up for dinner I changed into some cozy lounge wear to join a few other industry friends who were also staying at Ibis for dinner.

Top floor restaurant, Ibis Styles Hotel – Nairobi.

It felt good to be in a different environment that I felt as safe in as I would at home, having room service, laying on the Dr Mattress bed, the amazing hot shower and a view of Nairobi outside my window.

Ibis’ #AllSafe includes tailor-made operating protocols, cleaning products technology and team members training developed in partnership with hygiene solutions specialist Bureau Veritas.

After my staycation, it’s honestly reassuring to see that spots like Ibis have put all the safety measures they can in place as well as guidelines for guests who are staying or dining in at their hotel.

The hotel also has some amazing offers worth checking out and they are more than prepared to host visitors with every health and safety measure put in place.

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