An All-Natural Delight At Maghreb Boutique Hotel

There are many intricate details that go with picking an ideal hotel, whether in a familiar area or not. Some people prefer a stay in an area that offers the sounds and energy of a city square. Others would rather a quiet area, giving nature and birds a floor to show off their skills. Listening waves kiss the seashore or rather watch the sunrise uninterrupted. The latter is what Kilifi Maghreb offers, and to an idealism that can barely be matched

KenyanVibe paid the hotel a visit this past love season and this is why you should make an Easter booking.

Kilifi Maghreb Boutique Hotel and Conference Centre is located near Kilifi town a ten-minute drive from the main centre. The hotel is strategically located to offer the ideal opportunity to explore what the coast has to offer within a 30 km radius. Kilifi Maghreb has so much to give from its serene environment, amazing staff and an epically enormous environment that was beckoning at first entry.

First, we were swept off our feet with the lush environment in and around the hotel. It was phenomenal, to say the least with an array of trees offering a great canopy along every pathway, a complimenting garden area and a running midi-fountain just across the restaurant. The heat Kilifi is known for was a myth at Kilifi Maghreb.

Kilifi Maghreb’s rooms are structured in a manner so that every taste and preference is covered. There’s a beautiful three bedroomed villa richly furnished with classy leather seats and large bay windows that make the ground floor’s living room and dining area glow with natural light. The rooms in the villa offer a ritzy feel. Although only the master bedroom is en suite the villa is definitely sustainable for family or a group of friends on holiday. The balcony/patio on the first floor faces out into the garden and is the perfect area for morning meditation.

The apartment rooms are another ideal for a couple travelling alone or a single guest. The spacious rooms are complemented by a deluxe wooden bed and obligatory mosquito net in each room, a large kitchen area and a bathroom with the loos up two steps( you really feel like you’re sitting on a throne!). What really got to us was the air-conditioning, hot showers which are a rarity in Kilifi), the comfortable bed, the large numbers of sockets in different rooms and the very detailed bathroom area, shelves to stock food in the kitchen and the fast WiFi. However, there were a few times the WiFi connection wavered and the AC broke down but the technical hitches were addressed immediately by the staff or management.

Their garden rooms are built using traditional Swahili building methods and an altogether different experience. The rooms have an almost cultural feel with great spacing between the two beds in the twin rooms. There’s only a ceiling fan in these but the garden is great and breezy so you’re likely not to use it anyway. The brown-beige galena tiles in the room completed the traditional feel. At the moment all the garden rooms are closed for refurbishment following a spate of complaints but they’ll definitely be ready for lovers of old-cultural aesthetics.

Another very outstanding aspect of the hotel is the food.If the chef don’t cook good , why bother eat?’. We don’t think anyone who has been to the Maghreb would need to use this phrase. The delicacies served promptly were always mouth-watering! From their wide menu, our favorite dish had to be the baked oysters that were closely followed by the veg fried macaroni and shepherd’s pie. The assortment of foods in our daily stay was really an added plus and the drinks menu from their bar quite generous.

We ventured into the foodie world here having a Swahili ‘brekkie’, an Italian lunch and a welcoming Indian dinner. The restaurant was opened on time and the services were pretty fast from their very friendly kitchen staff who were more than dedicated.

It would be a sin not to mention the recreational activities at Kilifi Maghreb. Their pool is an inviting deep turquoise blue oasis surrounded by greenery like a surreal fairy tale. The taekwondo trainer worked with our request of a gym set up by the pool. If you’re a bookworm there is a huge selection of different reads and they have push bikes you can rent to cycle through the neighbouring forest, village and hills!

To have a beautiful stay in an elegant hotel requires the mind of an adventurer. Kilifi Maghreb had a calming effect that was particularly rewarding after a long night of partying, a kite surfing or a three-hour beach walk. The ideal haven can always be created by a serene environment, a perfect bed and people dedicated to mark your stay unforgettable, that was Kilifi Maghreb to us.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us once you’ve been there!.