American TV Host Ellen Reunites Kenyan Family, Surprises Them With Ksh 5 Million

03 May of 2019 by

American TV show host Ellen Degeneres reunited a Kenyan woman living in the States with her family after two years of living apart.

The family of four also managed to walk away with Ksh 5 million($50,000) in the program after given a chance to play a game where they were required to pick one card from a group of three – labeled 1,2,3 – with different figures inscribed at the back.

In the video, Achieng Agutu, who left for US seeking higher education is called on stage by Ellen who then pretends to connect Achieng with her parents who are supposedly in Kenya and her brother in South Africa via video call before the signal goes down.

Ellen then walks to the control room to fix the signal only to come out with the rest of the family.

Achieng, who is from Kisumu, tells the Ellen that she learned English from watching her show.

“I moved here (to the U.S) about five years ago for higher education and it’s been amazing but it’s also been really hard for my family back in Kenya because they’ve honestly done every single thing from selling land to taking loans to be able to pay my school fees and make sure that I’m comfortable,” narrates Achieng.

“I work one full-time job, I’m an admissions counselor at Holy Cross College, but then I babysit for two families; I wash people’s cars and clean their houses; I’m an Uber driver; I also teach English to internationals students.”

Watch the video below:


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