American Musician Kelis Gets Firsthand Experience Of Nairobi Streets

American singer-songwriter Kelis Rogers is currently immersed in the vibrant streets of Nairobi as part of her African tour. In a recent social media post, the energetic artist shared her firsthand experience navigating the bustling Central Business District, known for its infamous traffic and dynamic atmosphere.

In the video, Kelis, carrying ‘Uhuru’ bags filled with her shopping, is seen tackling the challenges of Nairobi’s busy streets.

With a spirited demeanor, she psyches herself up at a crossroads where pedestrians, as she humorously notes, seemingly have no right of way. Channeling the mantra “Be aggressive, be, be aggressive,” reminiscent of a chant taught to schoolchildren, she prepares to cross the road amid the chaotic flow of public service vehicles on Kenyatta Avenue.

Amid the symphony of beeping horns and the intricate dance of vehicles, Kelis, donning a playful smile, candidly remarks, “Pedestrians don’t have the right of way.”

Undeterred by the urban frenzy, she takes on the challenge with enthusiasm, comparing the experience to the game of ‘Double Dutch.’

In this street-level version of the classic game, she playfully sprints across the road, showcasing a blend of skill, agility, and timing reminiscent of the childhood game where participants navigate two jump ropes turning in opposite directions.

Kelis’s adventure on Nairobi’s streets provides a unique glimpse into the lively energy of the city, adding an unexpected and delightful chapter to her ongoing African tour.

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