Amara Tari Claiming Her Spot In The Kenyan Music Scene With New Single

Singer, songwriter, and performing artist based in Nairobi, Amara Tari has been working on her craft since 2015. 5 years later she has released her first official music video titled; Jungle Fever. The song’s lyrics will leave you questioning reality itself in the story of love, lust, and borderline delirium.

Written by Amari herself, the song was skilfully produced by Atwal. Director Daniel Skilton brought the visuals to life, stepping in with his superb creative direction and cinematography.

Jungle Fever is a catchy title but has several deeper meanings open to the listeners own interpretation. Keeping it fun and proper Jungle Fever had a release party at Melanin Club in Westlands sponsored by Ciroc attended by a number of key industry players like Kagwe Mungai, Xenia Manasseh, Valerie Muthoni, Trina Mungai, The Raww Filmmaker, Nick Mutuma, Daniel Weke, Manasseh Nyagah, Nathan Gathegi and Alisha Popat.

Back to Amara; her early career debut saw her sharing a stage with artists such as Ciano Maimba, Third Hand Music, Le Band, Hart The Band and Sage. A spot she def earned coz she has an amazing voice. The singer is also an actor and a model: she graced the stages of Mr and Miss USIU 2015 where she claimed the 1st Runner Up position, and Miss Universe Kenya 2018 where she placed at top 5, respectively. “Finally, Miss Universe Kenya 2018. I wanted to show myself that win or lose, I can do anything I put my mind to. I am NOT my circumstances, emotions, shortcomings or downfalls. I am not my mistakes.” she shared on IG.  Her profile also shows some of her covers. After finishing Uni in 2019, she decided to dedicate her entire life and career to music and the arts – and doesn’t plan on looking back.

Watch “Jungle Fever”.

Listen to Amara’s previous song s Pulling Out and Small Talk HERE.


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