All You Need To Know About Nairobi IG Tour 5th Edition

The Nairobi IG Tour experience is one that we at KV have tried and tested over and over.

The dates and itinerary for the 5th “New Perspectives” edition as it’s themed, has caught our attention yet again and it should also catch yours.

“Nairobi, with its population of over 4 million diverse populace and cosmopolitan vibe that shines through its art, food, entertainment, architecture, cultures and values of communities that call the ‘green city under the sun’ home. The tour presents an opportunity both personally and collectively to co-create and connect people across the board by casting a spotlight on the heart, spirit and soul of the city whilst showcasing its diversity, beauty and flavours. In short, throughout the day, the initiative aims at exploring why Nairobi is a cultural melting pot with shared history and aspirations.” Turn Up Travel Team

The tour organizers, Turn Up Travel, have kept things exciting and relevant and this is evident in some of the activities and the venues of the day tour. Who doesn’t want to be among the first people at the highly awaited GTC or a live Dim Sum cooking demo?

The Itinerary

5:30 am – Assembly at GTC – Chiromo Lane

6 am: Catch the sunrise at Global Trade Centre – the newest tallest building in East Africa

7:30 am Dim Sum at Yuanzhiyuan Chinese restaurant and live demo cooking

10-12 noon: Cultural immersion through art and heritage tour at Nairobi National Museum

1 pm: Lunch at Pan Asian Yao in Gigiri

2-4pm: Showcase of art at China Garden- Calligraphy, Pipa music and Kong Fu Tai Chi

5pm-7pm: Sundowner and cocktail at GTC

Nightlife Experience: Konshens Live in Concert in Nairobi with Nviiri, Ethic, Kansoul, Gwaash, Sailors, Bensoul, Ochungulo Family and Chris Kaiga.

September 7th is the date to save for all the fun activities mentioned above.

Look out for their first “Adult Fun Day” Fam Fun Day happening on September 1st.

Part of the thrill is to last all day ticking off all experiences but you can take a break or sit some out. The people who’ve been part of the past #NairobaeIGTours have been amazing. Get ready to network, be inspired and meet your new crew because you will definitely end the day with some new friends.

Check out Turn Up’s IG @TurnupTravel for more info. 

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