Aljazeera To Show Two Kenya Films This December

Two Kenyan documentary series are set to air on Aljazeera beginning December 6th.

The two are among 14 others that will show on the news channel in the second edition of Africa Direct on Al Jazeera English Documentaries. The documentaries are from nine countries.

“Kenyan Lions”, done by Moses Webuye, is set in Kikuyu Mukuru Kuyaba and Nairobi follows the action of Benjamin Mburu, captain and assistant coach of the Ice Lions, the only ice hockey team in East and Central Africa, which had competed internationally until the pandemic hit.

He rallies the skaters and finds innovative ways to keep their skills, and the team’s finance, alive.

The other is “Conservation From Above” done by Rahab Wambui. The Series tells the story of  Daniel Zuma, a surveillance pilot in the Kasigau Corridor conservation area. He also does on-the-ground work in conservation, including with local communities in which he grew up, conveying an important conservation message and leaving a legacy to pass on. The film was shot in Rukinga, Kenya.

Season Two follows the success of the first season in 2021, and presents another 14 episodes of short documentaries, made by Africans about Africans.

They provide a vivid and fascinating look into the diversity of ordinary people on the continent. Whether they are unsung heroes, change champions or simply getting on with their lives, they are all agents in their own stories.

This year the countries represented include Mali, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon and Mozambique. AJE welcomes back some alumni directors as well as new ones to the fold.

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