‘Ali Kiba would be a perfect addition to Sauti Sol’s boy band’

Ali Kiba came into the music scene in the early 2000 with great hits such as ‘Cinderella’. During this time, Sauti Sol were still young fellas hustling in the bustle of Nairobi with a dream many could not fathom. Their music journey begun not so long ago with the major success of ‘Lazizi’ and to think that a musically young Sauti Sol would work on a song together with the legendary bongo king Ali Kiba was almost unimaginable.

They have both come a long way. Ali Kiba drops hits after hits and his sound has remained original over all these years. Sauti Sol on the other hand have remained consistent and are constantly perfecting their craft. Fast forward to today, a video on Sauti Sol’s Instagram last year clearly revealed how much Ali Kiba enjoyed the ‘Shake yo bam bam’ video. It must have been his greatest desire to jump on their creative spectrum and sing with the fellas.

The dream is alive today with the new, Unconditionally Bae by Sauti Sol and Ali Kiba. This song is exceptionally done and Ali Kiba just knows how to add that needed flavor to a song. The video is shot in the coast with so many beautiful models; so many that it looks like a P-Square kind of video. Regardless, the message of the song is very clear that love should be unconditional. In the valleys and mountains of a relationship, the bond of two lovers should be tied by unconditional love. You will enjoy the waters, the tropical shirts on the guys, the well choreographed dance moves, the beautiful music rhythm, and of course, the ladies. This song is definitely a hit!