Alfred Munyua: My Journey Has Shown Me The Realities Of Our Great Industry

Crime and Justice actor Alfred Munyua has enjoyed his slow growth into a top movie star in the Kenyan acting space.

Munyua recently looked back and said he’s thankful for his humble start which gave him a solid foundation in his acting career.

“I realised my talent back in primary school through the very keen eyes of our teachers,” said the actor who has been on several local and international films and is now currently riding high on the Showmax’s police procedural and legal drama series.

“I could find myself reciting poems and giving vote of thanks during school functions. My compositions and inshas were also ranked highly.”

His growth has been slow but sure. Munyua believes his journey set him up for success.

“On both creation and actualisation spheres, the growth process from high school and college drama to professional stage, theatre, TV and film has had its highlights; some rosy, others not.,” said.

“But all I can say is the journey has taught, hardened and exposed me to the realities of our great industry.”

Even though the Kenyan industry is growing and recently hit Ksh 200 billion in annual revenues, actors and industry players are still struggling and the government hasn’t offered much assistance.

Munyua believes other than the government neglecting the industry, greed from industry players is another core reason things haven’t been going in the right direction.

“Greed is the only problem we have. It begins from the very top to the local person down there,” he said.

“We have great actors, the best crew in the world, magnificent locations and all else that is required for a lucrative theatre, TV and film industry. But the greed amongst the industry players always gets in the way towards making this sector great.

He went on:

“We are talking about an industry that is worth over Sh200 billion each year, but the environment is not conducive, and goodwill form concerned authorities is lacking.

“I mean, we have been talking about film incentives such as rebates in order to attract foreign investment into the Kenyan industry, but nothing seems to be coming.

“Then we have an issue with our collective management organisations, which are supposed to back us up, but are feasting on our misery. But greed is the common denominator.

“So, I’m just one voice trying to fight for our well-deserved rights that are long overdue. It’s a hard battle, but God is with us.”


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